OEM Xbox One Game Console Wireless Controller



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OEM Xbox One Game Console Wireless Controller

ISHAKO Game Controller (Item No.XP12) designed for Xbox One gaming consoles and pc. 1.Ergonomic design to gives a convenient and comfortable.
2.Two Pressure-point to gives a convenient and comfortable.
3.Dual Vibration Function.

4.Wireless Connection via 2.4ghz receiver

Products Description

Wireless Controller for Xbox One S/X/Elite, PS3, Win7/8/10,- Black with Green It is ISHAKO brand product,not original.Please note that this controller without headset jack function. It isworks for Xbox One console,PC(D-INPUT)、PC360(X-INPUT)(PC games only can be used under Win10 system. Perfect for Racing, Fighting, Competitive and other game, provides you the immersive feeling during the game.

Technical Parameters
2.4ghz receiver
USB Port
Ergonomic Engineering
Turbo function,Dual Vibration Shock,
Packing Details
1 x gaming controller for xbox
1 x User manual
ISHAKO XP11 Wired Gaming Controller For XBOX One,Ones
1. 2.4GHz wireless technology, effective distance of about 30 feet. 2. Touch function’s “Menu” button and “View” button for quick and easy navigation. 3. Sensitive joystick and enhanced version of the arrow keys for better accuracy. 4. The trigger vibration motor adopts a new design, and the finger touch feedback is accurate,making the weapon, impact and vibration experience. 5. Built-in dual motor, 256-level precision 3D joystick. 6. Button respond sensitively and the control is handy.
The Cross Direction Button
The D-pad adopted a frosted concave design, accurate positioning in eight direactions, the button is wide and stable, and the
contact rebounds briskly.

Plug and Play

Menory Function:Repeat connection without re-appling the handle.

Vibration Function:Built-in vibration motos on the both sides of the handle to offer a real gaming experience.
Crystal And Coloful A,B,X,Y Buttons
10ms buttons reponse speed ,whether it is QTE operateion or combintion of key strokes, the controller can repond quickly.
No Dead 360 Joystick
Step-by-step 0-255 analog interval linear step peration accuracy, relecting your direation control, allowing you to fully demonstrate micro-operation technology.
Precision LT/RT Trigger Button
With the control of the pressure of the figer pressure the speed control is more comfortable when braking.

How to connect to game console?

1. Connect with the Host for Xbox One Plug the receiver into the USB port of the game console, receiver`s light flashes, then press controller’s HOME button, controller’s light flashes. When the controller; light and receiver light is always on, the connection is successful. 2. Connect with the Computer As with the above operation, when the light of the controller and the light of the receiver are long, the connection is successful. At this time, it is mode for XBOX ONE. Long Press the HOME button for 5 seconds to switch to X-input D-input mode.

XP13-Green, XP13-Pink, XP11 White-Wired, XP11-Black-Wired, XP12-Black, XP13-Black


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