LS – S2S Brushless Motor Drone



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LS – S2S Brushless Motor Drone

Introducing the LS – S2S Brushless Motor Drone – Precision Meets Performance

Take to the skies with the LS – S2S Drone, a marvel of modern engineering designed for the drone aficionado and the aerial videographer. This drone is not just a flying device; it’s a statement of sophistication and high performance.

Brushless Motor Technology: At the heart of the LS – S2S lies a robust brushless motor, offering a seamless blend of power and efficiency. Enjoy quieter operation, longer lifespan, and reduced maintenance, all while delivering the thrust you need for dynamic maneuvers.

Sleek Design: The LS – S2S boasts a sleek, aerodynamic design that cuts through the air with minimal resistance. Its compact form factor ensures portability, making it your go-to drone for adventures near and far.

Advanced Flight Controls: With its user-friendly interface, piloting the LS – S2S is a breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or taking your first flight, the intuitive controls provide a smooth and responsive flying experience.

Capture Every Moment: Don’t miss a beat with the LS – S2S’s high-definition camera. Record your flights in stunning clarity and detail, perfect for capturing those unforgettable views or action-packed sequences.

The LS – S2S Brushless Motor Drone is more than just a flying camera; it’s a gateway to exploring the world from a new perspective. Unleash your creativity and let the LS – S2S elevate your passion for flight and photography to new heights.

Product Description
Brushless Aerial Photo Folding Drone
Receiving Frequency
3.7V  2000mAh
Motor Model
1503 Brushless Motor
Usage Time
Speed Grade
Fast gear/slow gear (Two Gears Optional)
Remote Control Battery
AA * 3 To Be Purchased Separately
Remote Control Mode
Left Hand Accelerator (Right Hand Direction)
Transmission Distance
30-50 M


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